Phase IV Premier Leadership Training                 Preparing Powerful, Professional Presentations

 Crisis Leadership & Management                        Beyond The Interview

​                Professional International Interview Skills and Advanced Denial technique

                                     Veteran Interview & Placement Seminar

Phase IV not only provides the finest in government training programs, but also offers professional programs for private industry and small and large corporations. These are strategic - level programs that will dramatically improve individual and organizational effectiveness.

More than just another government contracting company that finds resumes to fill positions for a client, we are experienced, former Special Operations civil military experts with real world experience from the Middle East, South Asia and other recent conflict areas that specialize in counterinsurgency and civil military specialty training and consulting. Your team deserves more than just another instructor teaching from a book or slide, your team deserves quality, real world training that can only come from experience!

PHASE IV Global Solutions, LLC is an international training, intelligence and security consulting firm that provides advisory and educational services to corporations.