Beyond the Interview!

New perspectives on how private industry, law enforcement and the Global War on Terror all share the underlying principles in the critical process of finding the truth!

Motivate your team with a new perspective in interviewing on how the retail LP/AP field, law enforcement and US and other Special Operations Forces use the principles of respect, rapport, hope, behavior, deception and research that are used during the interview process to extract useful critical information and intelligence, solve theft, reduce crime and even help the US bring down and dismantle terrorist organizations worldwide. Although the interview techniques discussed in this presentation vary widely depending on final goal, understanding that the actual principles underlying this process are the same used all over the world, showing the commonalities and how they are then instilled in the process by the interviewer to the subject to obtain the information needed. This presentation, using real world examples used from retail to intelligence operations in Afghanistan, demonstrate how the different methods are related by the underlying principles and will show your team how this one core skill set is key to the retail loss prevention professional, not only in the interview room, but also in daily negotiations, hiring, training and literally every other professional aspect of their career.

This one-hour presentation is led by Mr. Chris Collier, President of Phase IV Global Solutions and former senior US Army Special Operations officer with tours in Bosnia, Yemen, Iraq, South America and Afghanistan, and further international training and advisory experience as a private military contractor.  Mr. Collier is a recognized expert in international negotiation, interview and interagency operations with foreign tribal and other key leaders, and travels regularly to the Middle East and South Asia to consult on an ongoing basis. Prior to his active military service in Special Operations, Mr. Collier previously had a successful career in corporate loss prevention at the Director, Regional and District level, and as a former professional speaker for WicklanderZulawski & Associates, where he was a member of the initial development team on the Certified Forensic Interviewer Program (CFI). 

This exclusive, relevant and exciting presentation is perfect for any loss prevention or asset protection department for a good skill development course, motivational and inspirational discussion, or even an interesting ice breaker for your next team function