Phaseiv Global Solutions Private Civil Coordination Teams

With the ever increasing global need for professional, experienced cultural and civil military skilled operators that provide on the ground presence without the diplomatic issues of using military forces, Phase IV’s Civil Coordination Service capabilities are unmatched:

  • Building Governance Capacity
  • Host Nation Training
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Multi-National Operations
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Leveraging NGO Capabilities
  • Civil-Military Coordination
  • Building Comprehensive Campaigns
  • Generating Popular Support
  • Rule of Law
  • Democracy Transition Services
  • Reconnaissance
  • Intelligence Collection
  • Advisory and Training Assistance
  • Natural Disaster Assistance

Phase IV differentiates itself from other companies by offering deployable Civil Coordination Service professionals that specialize in the operational civil arena of ideas, taking former experienced provincial reconstruction and civil military professionals in all areas of economic, governmental, civil, rule of law, as well as counterinsurgency and other related specialties.

These provide a turn-key civil military or stability operations solution in any conflict or developing area, and can be configured in any manner, from one consultant or trainer to a full team. This service eliminates the need to have military “boots on the ground” to influence an area or country, as these personnel are all civilian (former military and contract employees), that report directly now to the client. This also solves the operational issue of continuity, as military Civil Affairs or Provincial Reconstruction Teams have a redeployment schedule of rotation of anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Phase IV’s Civil Coordination Services give the client a tailored, quality presence to carry out specific short or long term priorities in a low- key, small diplomatic footprint.